What We Would Do To Be A Better Student/ Human Being ?


Hello everyone .....!!This entry is about the tips to be a better student .... Who's don't want success in life ....?All people have their own dreams ... Of course we also dream will become a successful engineer .... WoW ...!!   
Therefore we must start from NOW ....!!!

How to start it ....? 

1. Set goal in our life
Do you set goals for yourself? What are your goals for the next 12 months? How about after 10 years? it's our dream will come true? .We hope so. Maybe after 5years we can buy our own house, car and become an engineer. Goal setting is the first Step Towards successful goal achievement. It marks your first point towards Success. Without this step, the goal of other steps can not be achieve. As a student set up our mind that we will get a good result until graduate.

2. Time management 
How to manage it?...We need to prepare our own time table or dairy. It not time table that prepared from ASRA but it's our weekly schedule. Prepare what we should do in a week....but the most important thing is we should discipline ourselves to follow the schedule....

3. Do not let laziness dominate our self 
It is a very serious disease will that attacks our self in silence. As a student we need prepare our self before attend the class. Such as finished up tutorial that given from lecture and study before and after attend the lecture class. 

GoOd LucK 

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