Our Experience Creating A Blog


Blog.. What is blog?? At first, when we were given this task.. We are afraid that, we cannot do this task, because non of us having a blog.This are our first experience creating the blog together.. Now, we are very excited every time getting a new topic from our lecturer Madam Rosiah Othman. But, we still remember every moment during creating this blog.

First class: Create an Email for our blog
Second Class: Create group name for our header
Third Class: Choose the theme and writing a first entry which is the beginning of life    as bachelor student.
Fourth Class: Learned to put the shout box and the Link within at the end on entry post and a song.
Next class, we started to post entry based on topic given by our lecture. It is very excited to us until we do not realize the time.....

There are some advantages by learning to create the blog.....
The blog is a site that useful for us to share an opinion. We describe all the topic given and share our own opinion with others. For us, to write a blog can sharpen the brain to be more active thinking because when writing all aspects should be noted such as writing technique. Beside that, by creating the blog we can spend our time with useful activity and  be a knowledgeable student.

Blogs also can generate income to the owners. There are several examples of financial resources for bloggers, one of the most famous and is a rental site advertising and blogger is being a publisher. For the bloggers in Malaysia, 'nuffnang' is the focus because there are no conditions attached to place ads. But there are other companies offering these ads adsense, adsniaga, innity, and more.

Thank You Blogspot because give an experience for us...!!!
Special Thank You to our lecturer (Madam Rosiah) for introducing us creating a blog...

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