A Positive Thing That We Done During The Mid-Semester Break


Happy Holiday ....!!!
What about your semester break ...?
It's should be interesting because we also celebrate Aidilfitri ...
Hope Aidilfitri this year is the most meaningful to us. Even think a lot of about test to be faced after the holidays. We still think positive and enjoy during the holiday. We take an advantage from this holiday to relax our mind. We more concentrate for prepare food for Aidilfitri celebrating such as ketupat, rendang and so on.
This time we only think that to celebrate Aidilfitri for only a week  and after this we need to concentrate on our study.

While celebrating our Aidilfitri , we must remember those who are in trouble. When Aidilfitri celebration we get a new cloth, new shoes and new decoration in our house....But for them, the celebration is very simple, only wear old cloth and simple dishes....So,we need to help each other. We should thankful to Allah cause give an opportunity for us to celebrate Aidilfitri in happiness.  This Aidilfitri celebration, we can also strengthen the relationship between family and friends and should forgive each other.

What about your budget for Aidilfitri ?...... 
How many cloth that you prepare for celebrate Aidilfitri?...
Please don't over limit....!!!
We need enjoy celebration in moderation. We need litter creativity for planing a budget. Such as, prepare a budget checklist.


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