Ohh Dean List's??? Yes or No???


Hi guy... Nice to meet you again.. 
This topic we were discuss about dreaming to be Dean list..
Okay, when talking about dean lists, everyone in this University want to be dean list every time entering new semester. But it is Impossible or Not impossible to get dean list?? If we have the correct learning time, able to manage time table, and love to see lecturer for asking some question about anything you could not understand in their class. This might be a chance for you all to get dean list, but it you all be an opposite way such as lazy, love to skip classes and shy to see a lecturer. The chances is to get dean list might be lesser than before. Okay, Let compare the dean student and lazy student:

Dean Students
Situation 1: Today lecture was cancel, there was a free time for me.. Hmm.. i think, better i doing revision for the past chapter.
Situation 2: This semester a lots of subject need to be taken, better i doing timetable to manage my time for every subject,so i have a times to do revision and study.
Situation 3: This question is really hard to understand. "Madam, i do not understand the question 1 can you help me".

Lazy Students
Situation 1: It just 1 hour,i do not have enough sleep last night,better i go sleeps, bye-bye
Situation 2: Ahh... that lecturer teaching technique is so bored, i do not have any mood to go listening what he/she said.
Situation 3: There a lot of thing i could not understand but i am very shy to see the lecturer to asking about it. hmmm.. better if i asking my friend...

From the above situation, which student are you??? so change your attitude be a Dean List student.. 

Thank You and Good Luck..

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