Stop Hunger....!!!!


Lately, the problem about food starvation is more widespread.Children innocent often became a victims."Who we want to blame about this problem". Starvation caused by a few factors such as:

  • Natural disasters. (Example :floods, drought, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.)
  • Over populated areas that are unable to feed masses of people.
  • Poor quality of health facilities.
  • The aid from other countries is very low.
  • Governments that have poor management of resources.  

This problem can be solved with;

  •  The quality of health facilities  can be improve.
  • More aids needed form entire of the countries in the world.
  • Governments must improves their management of resources.
  • Limit the populations of people in certain area, so burden can be reduces by lower the populations of peoples in certain places.

Here, we want to share some pictures of situations in Somalia,so that, we can understand their feelings and remember the poor.

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